Testimonial from Ben F.
I was definitely upside down in my home due to the economic down-turn. I was $10,000 ahead and after the hard economic times my home was $30,000 below my last appraisal. I had found work in another state and couldn’t reside in my current home any longer. My new job needed me to move within two weeks. Because I owed more than the new appraisal it made it quite hard to find another buyer without looking at a short-sale, which is almost as bad as a foreclosure on your credit. A friend of mine knew of someone that was helping sellers sell their homes and matching them with people who couldn’t get approved through traditional financing.  After reviewing the “Assignment of Mortgage Payment Homeowner Guide” I felt this was the right answer. I didn’t want a short-sale, it was like admitting failure. I just knew there had to be something else. Working with Joe at JH Real Estate Solutions, he helped me right along with everything I needed and it was actually easier than selling a house to another party. I testify that this is what you are looking for. No one loses. The bank is happy, you’re happy, the new owners are happy, and thank God I found JH Real Estate Solutions. If you want to help the economy improve and help other people who need a home, THIS IS IT! As soon as we started working on this program my stress began to vanish and I knew I had found a way to move on.  Thank you Joe.