Home Sellers

Selling your home during a recession can be tough, especially when the market values don’t match your home’s worth. If you’re looking to move fast and efficiently, look no further. We provide a variety of service options, including:

Buying low or negative equity homes. Real estate sales can be frustrating when you have low or negative equity, often causing you to lose money during the final sale. JH Real Estate Solutions minimizes your risk by offering you a fair price, regardless of your mortgage status. We’ll even pay your closing costs and back payments!

Home rehabbing. We believe that every property has potential. Does your home need extensive repairs or remodeling? Has the surrounding neighborhood lost its appeal? No problem. We buy homes in any condition, in any area.

Rent-to-own. If becoming a landlord isn’t on your priority list, take advantage of the latest trends. Increasingly strict mortgage regulations have made rent-to-own homes more popular among buyers. We’ll help you secure a long-term plan to sell your house while covering your mortgage payments.

  • Maximize your sale price by finding higher yields with equity and interest
  • Negotiate higher selling prices and interest rates
  • Understand the value of selling your home “as-is”
  • Find a secure solution that fits your situation

Cash for homes.  When selling your home is crucial, we’re here to help. JH Real Estate Solutions will help you avoid bad credit and impending foreclosure by paying cash for your property or taking over your mortgage payments. We also cover closing costs and never charge realtor fees. Don’t let another missed mortgage payment threaten your financial safety; we’re always here to assist you.

Negotiation consulting. Removing the bank from the equation allows you more flexibility than traditional real estate sales. We’ll help you:

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