Buying Investment Property

Investing is a great way to increase your income and contribute to long-term savings. Why ride the peaks and valleys of the stock market when you can benefit from property-backed investments? You don’t need to be an expert to get the most out of the market; in fact, you can leave the work to us. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking to buy a single investment property, or a large-scale developer taking advantage of wholesale deals, we’ll handle the details. Our expertise ensures:

Return on Investment (ROI). While stocks rise and fall based on outside forces, real estate allows you to control the earning potential. Home investors generally see a better ROI than the average 3-5% return of traditional investment vehicles, providing you with financial freedom and room to grow your portfolio. With JH Real Estate Solutions, you could see returns as large as 10-12%.

Faster results. Sticking to a standard retirement plan or rainy day fund can take years. Why wait to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Investors who move fast also see fast results. We provide investments of every kind, from a 6 month commitment to a 30 year long-term option. With motivation and proper planning, the sky’s the limit.

Collateral. When Wall Street goes south, your 401K usually follows suit. Home investors can take comfort in the collateral gained from owning property. If a real estate deal falls through, your property is still a valuable commodity.

Diversity. A strong financial portfolio requires diversification, and investing in real estate offers multiple solutions. If you already invest in an IRA or 401K, why not put your traditional vehicles to work by rolling them into a self-directed IRA? This method allows you to choose how to invest your money and includes options in the realms of mortgages, private placements, and other tax-free opportunities.  Contact us to learn more about how to stabilize and secure your future.

JH Real Estate Solutions is active in partnering with fellow investors and helping others during the beginning stages of pursuing their financial goals, including:

  • Partnering and helping investors who need funds
  • Connecting well-funded investors with the right properties
  • Providing wholesale opportunities for those looking to build capital
  • Offering advice and service on how to maximize your earning and portfolio potential with secure, property-backed investments

Contact Us to learn more about our current opportunities and how you can build a successful career as a real estate investor.