Buying Real Estate With Easy Choices

Buying real estate is more difficult than ever thanks to post-bailout regulations. Tighter mortgage and qualifying restrictions have left many people with little hope of owning their dream home. With JH Real Estate Solutions, we provide choices where others fail. Our buying services include:

Flexibility. Unlike major banks that require high credit scores and a 20% down-payment, we don’t exclude potential clients. No qualifying restrictions means no hassle for you, regardless of your financial past. Don’t worry if you’ve dealt with bankruptcy, foreclosure, or a short sale—home ownership is still possible.

Instant approval and fast move-in. Never has buying real estate been so easy! With no applications or credit checks, we can have you in a new home in as little as three days.

Owner Financing. If you’re tired of the traditional lender jargon and guidelines, you’ll find welcome relief through our owner financing options, including:

Seller Financing. If you are having trouble qualifying for a traditional mortgage from a bank, why not go straight to the source? We’ll provide financing or connect you with sellers who are willing to act as your bank by creating their own property note or mortgage. No bank restrictions, no credit worries. You’ll simply pay the seller monthly mortgage installments.

Rent-to-own. Investing slowly can result in big payoffs. If you’re looking for a home with a small mortgage, rent-to-own is a great way to build equity while minimizing risk. A portion of your rent will build your down-payment amount each month, reducing the overall mortgage cost until you’re ready for ownership.

Mortgage assumption. We cut the red tape with this seller financing option. Mortgage assumption allows you to take over the current owner’s payments without qualifying for a loan yourself. The rules are established by you and the seller rather than the seller and the bank.

Contract-for-deed. This avenue provides financing when you need it most. Similar to a lease option, contract-for-deed allows you to pay the seller in monthly installments rather than secure a loan on your own. The purchase price is negotiated beforehand.

Equity sharing trust. If you’ve ever invested in a time-share, you know the benefits of this option. Equity sharing trusts allow you to split the mortgage responsibility with another party, paying only your portion while retaining a percentage of the equity.

We’ve got the solutions to meet your needs, so why not choose the area that’s right for you? We provide financing options in the following counties:

  • Utah—Named for the Ute Indians, this county is home to Provo and Utah Valley, two of the state’s most scenic locations. Here you’ll find Brigham Young University, the famous Sundance Resort, and plenty of outdoor excursions on Mount Timpanogos and in the north fork of Provo Canyon. Learn more about our financing.
  • Weber and Davis—As home to a vast theater presence and Weber State University, these counties offer great opportunities to learn and take in the local culture. Learn more about our financing.
  • Salt Lake—The University of Utah, Utah Jazz, and the Salt Lake Bees are just a few of the factors attracting people to this diverse location. The wide variety of parks, golf courses, and other recreational facilities provide plenty of additional entertainment for every type of household. Learn more about our financing.