Nov 30

Joe Herrera Explains Introduction to Real Estate

Hi my name is Joe Herrera with JH Real Estate Solutions. This blog is an introduction to me, my company and about what I do.

First of all, I am passionate about three things; taking care of my family, Real Estate Investing and helping others. And I have found throughout the years that I can I can take care of my passions by just doing one of them and that is real estate investing.

First of all, the money I make through Real Estate Investing helps me provide for and take care of my family. Secondly I have helped others in so many ways through real estate investing. Here are a few:

  • I do rentals and this helps people by providing a clean affordable home for them to live in.
  • I buy bank owned properties which gets the property off of the bank’s books so they have more money to lend which helps boost the economy.
  • I do rehabs or fix and flips, these properties are bank owned or often times vacated by the previous owner that need some or even a lot of work. These homes are a big eye sore in the communities and neighborhoods they are in and bring the property values in the area down. I buy them, fix them up and put a nice family or working professional in them helping revitalize the community and increase property values.
  • I help fellow real estate investors find money for their deals or find deals for their money. This helps the real estate investor take care of their family by the income they earn as well as gets ugly houses off the market revitalizing communities.
  • I help people who are not getting the returns they want from their 401ks or IRAs get a better return. I recently read an article that stated over the past 20 years a typical mutual fund investor has averaged only 3.83%. The thing about the stock market is you have no control. I help people get a 10%-12% return backed by real estate.
  • In today’s economy there are so many people who are upside down in their home who can’t sell it and there are people who can’t qualify for a loan due to the strict lending standards we are faced with today. What I do is match the two up, I sell unsellable homes to buyers who can’t get traditional financing. This helps the buyer by getting them into a home they couldn’t normally get into. This helps the seller by getting them out of a bad situation and helping them avoid possible foreclosure.

These are some of the things I do to fulfill my passions! If you have any questions about this blog, or know of anyone who I can help please contact me by phone at 801-864-6737 by email joe@jhrealestatesolutions.com or browse my website www.jhrealestatesolutions.com.

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